Pip is a new kind of social network,

going beyond the wall and beyond the timeline to improve the way people live and communicate.

Through combining elements of social media, geocaching, and augmented reality, users can leave their content in real places for real people to interact with and appreciate.

I'm the hand prints in sidewalks
The hearts carved in trees
The height lines on door posts
That start at your knees

I'm the rock piles on mountains
That someone once stacked
I'm the places you've been
With the bag that you packed

I can be where you are
I can be where you're going
I'm the fruit that you harvest
And the seeds that you're sowing

I'm the joke at the table
And the tears at the pew
I'm the things left behind
By the people you knew

I'm the mark that you left
The tracks that you trace

A place for everyone
Everything in its place


When rocks fall short, there's Pip.

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